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How to Hire

1. Take a note of the hat block number/s

2. Contact us by email, text message or by telephone and include your..

  • full name
  • contact phone number
  • location city or county in UK
  • block numbers you wish to hire
  • period of hire, the number of weeks you wish to hire for

3.  We respond to agree payment and deposit amounts and arrange delivery..

  • by meeting exchange in London, UK
  • or by UK post / courier

4. Towards the end of the hire period, contact us arrange return delivery, and return of your deposit.

Payments and deposit

The hire fee per hat block for one to two weeks is generally between £6 to £20.

In addition to a hire fee, we require a security deposit. The deposit varies between £40 to £80 depending on the value of the hat block.  We ask you to pay a security deposit on delivery. We return your deposit on safe return of the block to us in its original condition.

We request that you pay both deposit and hire fee in cash unless otherwise agreed.

You are responsible for any damage caused to the block whilst on loan.  If there are any fragile parts on the block we will advise you on this on delivery.  Although some of the blocks on hire are many years old, they are in good condition and are easy to use.


Meeting Exchange

If you are based in or around London, UK, we will arrange to meet you at a convenient place (e.g. a mail line station), and at a time that is convenient for all.  Meeting ensures that the block and deposit are safely exchanged.

UK Post

If you are based outside of London we can arrange to delivery it to you by post. If the block requires a security deposit of £50 or less, we arrange to send the block by registered post after we have received your security deposit. Please note that the postal charges and any PayPal charges (if you chose PayPal instead of a bank transfer) incur an additional cost.

UK Courier

If you are based outside of London we may agree to delivery of our more valuable hat blocks by courier. These blocks require a security deposit of £50 or more. We require you to pay for the courier and include insurance.

Hat examples

Hats created using many of the hat blocks for hire can be seen on my hat design shop website at www.martinabohn.com. 


Thank you for your interest. We welcome your feedback to improve this site and our services.

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